Yora - If Dogs Ruled the World

Yora is an insect based dog food brand based in the UK. The goal of this campaign is to market it to Americans as if it were being brought here. 

Insight: If dogs were in charge, they would make the right choices, and Yora is the food they would choose to eat.
Idea: In the months leading up to the 2020 election, Yora will launch an omni-channel campaign that emphasizes the wholesomeness of both Yora and dogs amidst all the chaos and scandals of 2020 politics.



To start building a following, Yora will reply to news-related tweets from a dog's perspective.


Keeping goodness in mind, the tweets will evolve to direct people to the Instagram where a doggy presidential election will be held.



Yora will host a doggie presidential election. Candidates will be introduced on their Instagram page.


The election held on Instagram will feature three canine candidates.


Yora’s Instagram stories will keep followers updated on the upcoming  election.


People then vote for their favorite pup on the Instagram poll and the winner is announced.


Twitter: Presidential Ask Me Anything

People can engage with the new doggy president and ask questions for wholesome responses.


Farmers Market Tour

The pup president will then go on a victory tour that promotes the wholesomeness of Yora.


The Pawp-Up Event

On tour, the president will host events to raise money for good causes.

Dogs will choose a toy and Yora will donate food to the charity associated with the toy. 

Instagram famous photographer, @thedogist, will take photos at  the event. 



The winner can only be so many places at once, so guerilla marketing will be used to help spread the good word of Yora. Campaign style signs will be placed strategically to keep messaging in front of dog owners as the tour ends.


Creatives on the project:

Art Directors: Me, Kate Lux, and Lauren Kuo

Copy: Renee Hill