Warby Parker 

Warby Parker is a new glasses brand that makes getting glasses faster, easier, and cheaper. 
Problem: Warby Parker is not known well enough by young adults.
Solution: Target young adults with bright and interactive ads that frame Warby Parker as the fastest way to get the exact frames you want.


Print Ads

Ads featured in high fashion and pop culture magazines that are read by the TA.


Glasses Vending Machine


OOH Interactive Billboard


New Box Design


Instagram Filter and Story Post


Warby On Wheels

The Warby on Wheels would drive to cities where shipping can tend to take the longest.  
This brings the glasses directly to the consumer making it even easier to pick their new pair of glasses.


Storefront Design


Creatives on the project:

Art Direction: Me & Kate Lux

Copy: Sam Powers & Julia Grisemer