Giff Gaff

A mobile network company in the UK. 

Brief from D&AD New Bloods 2020


The Brief:

The Ask: Giff Gaff is launching 5G in the UK and wants to use this new technology to solve a pre-existing problem in their communities. 

The Problem: 10.2 million people in the UK currently live in a food desert, which are areas poorly served by grocery stores and where it is hard to get access to fresh, quality, and affordable food sources.


The Solution: Byte

An app that will use 5G services to connect local, sustainable farmers to people who need their products the most. This service will not only benefit the consumer by providing them with fresh food, but also will help to stimulate the local farming industry.


Creatives on the project: 

Art Directors: Me & Madison Laake

Copy: Cailyn Hoertz

Creative Tech: Chris Bartoldus 

Graphic Design: Sophie Bevirt