Direct Mail Campaign

MONTEC is a ski wear brand known for their fashionable styles. 

The goal of this campaign is to highlight the function of their gear to show that they are not only fashionable, but also the most reliable ski wear option for the people who really need it.


Instagram Carousel

Instagram ads will be sponsored to people who live in areas with cold weather. This carousel will direct them to a link in bio to enter their info for a direct mail piece.



These will be featured in ski magazines, restaurants at ski resorts, on free standing ski run maps, and anywhere the target audience frequents.


Direct Mail: Exclusive Style Catalogue and Coupon

The catalogue will arrive in the mail with a letter to the reader, a style overview, feature breakdown, and a coupon to try a pair of their gloves at 50% off. By allowing them to try the gloves at a discount, they feel better about the purchase and get an accurate way to test the materials.

Direct Mail .jpg
Direct Mail 7.jpg

Direct Mail: Glove Delivery

Gloves arrive with another chance to get even more MONTEC.


Creatives on the project: Me